1) The present general terms and conditions of sales and returns of YAZBUKEY, define the rights and obligations of the parties under the sale and delivery of goods made by YAZBUKEY. The buyers declare having read and accepted the rights and obligations there under. Any order made on is governed by these Terms.
YAZBUKEY is a Fashion luxury accessories brand based at , SIREN: , N° de TVA intracommunautaire, FR .
Our services are from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00

2) Proposals, catalogs and price lists of YAZBUKEY do not constitute a bid and are not binding. In case circumstances affecting the sale price change, YAZBUKEY is entitled to adapt the sales price accordingly. Descriptions and reproductions of goods in catalogs, magazines or other documents or at exhibition or shows are only indicative and do not bind the seller to supply exactly the same models. Reasonable differences between the exhibited or reproduced models and the goods sold are accepted by the buyer without any damages, discount or right to cancel the sale.

3) By placing an order with YAZBUKEY, the buyer accepts the present terms and conditions of sale. Other conditions from the buyer, even those indicated in the buyer’s order forms or other documents, will be considered void unless they have been accepted by YAZBUKEY explicitly and in writing. In no circumstances can the silence of YAZBUKEY be interpreted as acceptance of other conditions.
Orders could be placed by our website yazbukey.com/eshop

4) Each order, when placed – irrevocably binds the buyer and represents a promise to purchase the said goods. YAZBUKEY also reserves the right to refuse a buyer’s offer. Finally, YAZBUKEY also reserves the right to accept orders only partially.


1) Items ordered online are shipped within 72 hours out from our warehouse of the online store.
Delivery methods: by colissimo, specialized carrier and DHL. 
Note: shipping costs are your responsibility and depend on the chosen method of delivery.
If a problem with your order, you can contact the after-sale service YAZBUKEY by a mail  or by the "contact" section of the site.
Some sellers offer warranties, you will turn to the manufacturer for defective products.
If the product is delivered to you is not for you: you can retract within seven days. Once your application is taken into account, the return is in 5 days. Shipping costs are your responsibility.

2) Please note that if your delivery address is outside the EU, you will be subject to import duties according to your custom law and regulations

3) Deliveries should be checked for the conformity by the buyer immediately upon receipt of the goods. In case of apparent defects, the buyer shall inform the seller on a delay time of 2 days before the time of delivery and the seller will provide a return number for the buyer. Any other complaints concerning cannot be accepted if they do not reach the YAZBUKEY’s premises within 5 days after delivery. In any case, every returned item must be subject to the commercial department’s prior approval, and shall not be accepted unless they explicitly agreed upon in writing by the seller.

4) Late returns for orders placed on our e-shop yazbukey.com
An RMA number must be requested within 2 days from the date you receive your order. You must return your item within 2 days of receipt of this issue.

5) YAZBUKEY’ RETURN has introduced simplified procedures to ensure procurement and allow you to return your product in the best conditions, including:
If it does not fit you and you want to exercise your right of withdrawal by making a request to return.
If your product does not comply with the one you have ordered (model, color, shape) during the sale.
We accompany you through your return step to ensure a simple and reliable monitoring.

6) Invoices are payable to YAZBUKEY account immediately before receiving the order confirmation. YAZBUKEY reserves the right to postpone delivery should the buyer not comply with his payment obligations. Further YAZBUKEY is released from all and any obligations as long as due payments have not be honored. Delivery will be confirmed with order and payment confirmation.


1) Products are considered defective if damaged at the time of reception or if a manufacturing defect is found. Please note that items damaged after being wear and tear will not be considered defective.
YAZBUKEY’s obligation of guarantee concerning defective goods shall in any case by limited to the replacement of the defective goods by goods in a good condition and exactly the same price of the purchase product.
YAZBUKEY shall have no obligation to pay any other compensation as a result of direct or indirect damage and the buyer guarantees YAZBUKEY against any claim possibly made by third parties in this respect.